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Whether you have grown out of your Woodridge home-based business or are looking to move your business into one of the Village’s commercial corridors, there are several factors to consider. Finding a location for your business is a big decision, and as a business owner you will have a number of things to consider when assessing the viability of a particular location.


Depending on the location and the improvements needed to open your business, you might need to apply for a building permit or submit a development application to construct a new building or major addition (the latter can be a time-intensive, multi-month review process.

Construction and Renovation Process: Prior to beginning any interior or exterior improvements, construction or renovation work, contact the Village to determine whether a building permit is required.

Because buildings are constructed under different building codes, depending on the structure’s age, certain spaces may not comply with the most recent code that the Village’s administers. This often occurs when retail spaces are converted to restaurants or larger occupancy uses. At your request, the Community Development Department will schedule a meeting to discuss what improvements may be necessary to bring the space into compliance with the Village Code. For more information on building permits, you should refer to pages 29-33 in the
Village’s Business Resource Guide.

Development Review Process:  To request special zoning approvals for your proposed business, you will need Plan Commission review and Village Board approval first, which can be a multi-month review process depending on which approvals are required. Some development approvals may be granted at the staff level, while others require consideration by the Plan Commission and approval by the Village Board. Other factors, such as consultant response time to staff review comments or required approval from outside agencies, may increase development review time.

On average, the development review process takes four to eight months for larger projects. During your preliminary meeting with the Community Development Department, our staff will provide you with an estimate of the process length based on your project specifications.

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