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Starting a business out of your home can be a great way to reduce initial overhead costs. However, there are a number of rules home-based businesses may need to follow to ensure that the business does not negatively impact its neighbors.   Before considering operating a business in your home, we recommend that you review the previous section on business plan development, financial resources, and technical resources.

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A home-based occupation is any activity carried out by a resident for economic gain and conducted in the home. The following regulations pertain to home-based businesses in Woodridge:

Employees: Not more than one person other than members of the immediate family residing in the home may be employed on the premises.

Signage: No outside signage is permitted.

Home Alterations: The home may not be structurally altered so as to change its character from that of a house. Not more than 25% of the gross floor area of one story of any home may be devoted to the business. The business must be conducted completely within the home.

Outdoor Storage: No outdoor storage is permitted

Permitted Uses:  The Village has a list of permitted home businesses in the community.  Though home occupations do not require a Village business license, many are required to be licensed by the State of Illinois.  To confirm that your businesses will be allowed as a home-based business, contact the Community Development Department at 630-719-4750.