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Access to capital is critical for business growth and development. Capital is needed for start-up costs, expansion, and resources that will help you remain competitive with your business. There are traditionally two forms of capital – debt and equity.

Debt capital refers to loans that are repaid with interest on a pre-established schedule within a specified time period. Equity investments are capital investments that do not require repayment. Instead, investors assume partial ownership of the venture with the expectation that they will benefit from the business’ appreciation in value.  There are a variety of financial options that may be available to you:

Small Business Administration (SBA) Programs:The SBA offers a variety of programs that are suitable for different types of businesses. Potential businesses should start with their localSmall Business Development Center for a better understanding of which financing option is best for you.
Small Business Investment Companies: Small Business Investment Companies were established by the Small Business Investment Act to help small businesses find venture capital and management expertise.

Bank Community Development Corporations: Bank Community Development Corporations (BCDCs) play a critical role in financing small businesses and new business ventures. Bank CDCs are consortiums of several banks in a community or region. Unlike multi-bank loan pools, they can make direct equity investments—in addition to debt financing. Potential businesses should start with their local Small Business Development Center to find out if any local BCDCs are available.

Venture Capital: Venture capital is money invested in the form of equity, with hopes that the business will grow and become very profitable. In return for the investment, the business owner gives up part of the ownership of the business. 

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